Uludag Journal of Medicine - 2008; 34(3) http://www.utf.dergisi.org Uludag Journal of Medicine - RSS feed of 2008; 34(3) 1300-0705 July 2008 Uludag Journal of Medicine 1300-0705 <![CDATA[The Effects of Intravenous Dexmedetomidine Premedication on Sensory Block of Bupivacaine Induced Spinal Anesthesia]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=47 -1 (Group D, n = 25) or midazolam 0.05 mg kg -1 (Group M, n = 25) or saline (Group K, n = 25) 5 minutes prior to spinal anesthesia were enrolled.Level of sedation, upper level of sensory blockage and the time of sensory and motor blockage regression were then recorded. The Ramsay sedation scores were detected to be similar in Group D and Group M both of which were higher than those in the Group K (p<0.001 for two groups). The upper sensory blockage level was revealed to be higher in Group D compared to Group M or Group K (p<0.001 for two groups). The duration of the sensory blockage in the dexmedetomidine group was detected to be longer than the midazolam or saline group, but not the duration of motor block (p<0.05 for two groups). It was found in Group D that the postoperative first analgesic necessity time was longer than Group M or Group K (p<0.01 for two groups). Postoperative analgesic consumption were less in the group D compared with groups M and P (p<0.05 for two groups). Premedication with intravenous dexmedetomidine provided equal levels of sedation and more evident analgesia compared with midazolam. In addition, dexmedetomidine prolonged sensory blockage of bupivacaine-induced spinal anesthesia.]]> 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 092 2008-07-01 087 Original Article <![CDATA[Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Prevalence and Related Risk Factors]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=48 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 096 2008-07-01 093 Original Article <![CDATA[The Diagnostic Value of Doppler Ultrasonography and Three-Dimensional Gadolinium-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography for Detecting Renal Artery Stenosis]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=49 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 102 2008-07-01 097 Original Article <![CDATA[Variation of Hepatitis B and C Seroprevalences in Pediatric Oncology Patient]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=50 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 106 2008-07-01 103 Original Article <![CDATA[Prognostic Value of Microalbuminuria in Critically Ill Patients]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=51 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 114 2008-07-01 107 Original Article <![CDATA[The Effect of Bispectral Index Monitoring on Hemodynamic Change, Recovery and Anesthetic Cost in Children Anesthetized]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=52 -1 , fentanyl 2 μg kg -1 and mivacurium 0.2 mg kg -1 and maintained with %40 O 2 , %60 N 2 O and desflurane. In the Group I, the volatile anesthetic was titrated to maintain BIS index between 40-60. In the Group II, the titration was made according to patients hemodynamic changes and BIS values were recorded by blinded anesthesiologist. There was no statistical differences in demographic data and measured parametres in the both groups. Also no differences were found between the time from cessation of anesthetics to extubation and the time leaving the recovery room between the groups. The amount of anesthetic agent was less in BIS group then the Group II. The cost effect were found higher in the Group I than Group II. Although there were no difference between groups in terms of hemodynamic and recovery times. The amount of agent less in the BIS group. It was concluded that in pediatric patients BIS monitoring has no advantage over standart practice in short procedures under both caudal epidural block and general anesthesia.]]> 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 121 2008-07-01 115 Original Article <![CDATA[Adult Herpes Zoster: Case Series and Review]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=53 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 125 2008-07-01 123 Case Report <![CDATA[Lipomatous hypertrophy of the interatrial septum]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=54 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 128 2008-07-01 127 Case Report <![CDATA[Drug-Induced Myopathies]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=55 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 133 2008-07-01 129 Review <![CDATA[Communicable Disease Surveillance: Why? How? In Which Situation Are We?]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=56 2008-07-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 3 34 142 2008-07-01 135 Review