Uludag Journal of Medicine - 2009; 35(2) http://www.utf.dergisi.org Uludag Journal of Medicine - RSS feed of 2009; 35(2) 1300-0705 May 2009 Uludag Journal of Medicine 1300-0705 <![CDATA[Analysis of Patients With Stabbing Injuries Who Applied to Emergency Department of Uludag University Hospital]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=14 2009-05-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 2 35 067 2009-05-01 063 Original Article <![CDATA[How Predictable are Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference in Detecting Dislipidemia in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Women?]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=15 2009-05-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 2 35 072 2009-05-01 069 Original Article <![CDATA[Retrospective Evaluations of Post-Anesthetic Complications in Adults]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=16 th and 24 th hours according to the Uludag University Anesthesia Critic Event Document Form. After general anesthesia in 1344 cases and after regional anesthesia in 114 cases complications were recorded. Most complications were documented in General Surgery Department after general anesthesia. After regional anesthesia most complications were documented in Orthopedic Surgery Department. Pain is the most evaluated complication. And also complications mostly detected at postoperative 12 th hour. Hypotension after regional anesthesia, disrithmi in ASA I-II cases and cardiac arrest in ASA III-IV were significantly higher. Complications were more frequent in females. In conclusion, against to the serious complications repeating visits at postoperative period by the anesthesiologists would be helpful to improve fast and effective postoperative care.]]> 2009-05-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 2 35 078 2009-05-01 073 Original Article <![CDATA[Helicobacter Pylori Prevalence and Its Relationship with Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Dialysis Patients with End Stage Renal Disease Waiting Renal Transplantation]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=17 2009-05-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 2 35 082 2009-05-01 079 Original Article <![CDATA[Evaluation of the Cytogenetics and FISH Analysis Results by the Aspects of Numerical Chromosomal Aberrations and Indications in Prenatal Diagnosis]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=18 2009-05-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 2 35 087 2009-05-01 083 Original Article <![CDATA[Leptomeningeal Carsinomatosis Arising From Gastric Cancer: A Case Report]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=19 2009-05-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 2 35 091 2009-05-01 089 Case Report <![CDATA[The Significance of Protein Degradation]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=20 2009-05-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 2 35 099 2009-05-01 093 Review <![CDATA[Work-Related Musculoskeletal Diseases and Socioeconomic Inequality]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=21 2009-05-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 2 35 106 2009-05-01 101 Review <![CDATA[Medical Training Process of Turkish Women and First Female Physicians Graduated From Istanbul Faculty of Medicine]]> http://www.utf.dergisi.org/text.php3?id=22 2009-05-01 Uludag Journal of Medicine 2 35 111 2009-05-01 107 Review